In Key Stage One children have a daily literacy lesson as well
as a guided reading and phonics session.
Phonics is carried out in year 1, and more of a focus on SPaG is in year 2.
Year 1 have a phonics test in June and Year 2 have SPaG tests.
(See the SPaG section for useful resources)
Literacy skills are also consolidated into our cross curricular approach to learning.
Wherever possible, knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject are acquired in relevant and meaningful contexts so that learning has a strong sense of purpose.
We also plan regularly to use visual images to stimulate and motivate our children.
Children all take home reading books to share with an adult. Children also have access to Phonic books which incorporate our phonics sounds learnt.

The school library provides a valuable source of reference,it is also a lending library used by all children in school.

Regular homework is given to the children to consolidate work done in literacy lessons.

 The following links may be helpful for you:

CyberKidz – Has access to literacy, numeracy and other games which can be selected by age group.

TopMarks –  Games including punctuation, stories, spelling, reading, writing and phonics – what more could you need? Really useful spelling game for year 1 common words.

BBC Bitesize –  covers rhyming, spelling, phonics, punctuation and more in exciting games.

ICT Games – a huge selection of fun games on phonics, spelling, sentences and blending.