Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Spellings are taught according to the rules and words contained in Appendix 1 of the English National Curriculum. Children are given spellings to learn each week in their home/school diary, these may be common exception words, words containing taught graphemes or spelling rules. Children will be awarded a “spelling gem” for achieving full marks. In Foundation 2 and the start of Year 1 spellings are checked in a list format, in the Spring term of Year 1 dictated sentences are introduced for children at the expected level.

Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar and punctuation knowledge and skills are taught through English “skills” lessons. Teachers plan to teach the required skills through the genres of writing that they are teaching, linking it to the genre in order to achieve the intended writing outcome. Teachers sometimes focus on particular grammar and punctuation skills as stand alone lessons, if they feel that the class/or a specific group ┬áneed additional lessons to embed and develop their understanding or to consolidate skills.

Below we have some resources which we believe are useful to understand your child’s SPAG.

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