Our Recent Visits:

Robotics at Magna
Some of our Year 2 pupils went to a Robotics Event at Magna on the 1st July. They had a great time learning about what the VEX IQ is all about. They took part in building robots and took on the VEX IQ challenge with another school.
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Year 2 – Filey

Year 2 had a great day at Filey despite the weather being a bit overcast. We endured a few showers and had a fab time overall. The showers didn’t stop us playing in the sand, eating ice cream and exploring the rockpools on the Brigg. What a great time we had!
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Animal Ark – F2 February 2019

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Year 2 – Institute of Sport and Ice Sheffield – February 2019

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Not quite the day we expected to have but all of the children had a fab day. We took part in some athletic events and went ice skating in Sheffield. Well done everyone!
Year 2 – Maltby Firestation – 20th September 2018
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Year 2 took the bus to Maltby to spend the day with the firemen at the firestation. Despite the rain, we all had a fab time looking around the fire engine and the station. There was also a call for some baby shark dancing. A visit to remember. Year 2 will be writing recounts on their visit.

Year 2 – Maltby Firestation – 23rd September
Year 2 had a great time visiting the new Maltby Firestation. The firemen that spoke to us were on their very first shift at their new home in Maltby. How exciting! The children got to look at and sit in a real fire engine as well as spray the hose.

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Year 1 – Animal Visit – 19th SeptemberYear 1 were very brave when they had a visit from some interesting friends. A turtle, frog, snake, lizard, chinchilla and cockroach were among the creatures that visited. The children were brave enough to hold some of the creatures too!
IMG_1297 Animal visit 19th Sept 052 IMG_1377
Year 2 – Filey
All three Year 2 classes went on a long journey to Filey. Luckily the weather was just right and they had an amazing time on the Brigg, searching for sealife before enjoying lunch on the beach.
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Year 1 – Den Building
Foundation 2 – Cannon Hall
Foundation 1 – White post Farm
Year 2 –  Rawmarsh CLC/Winterhill CLC –  Year 2 have visited the CLC to support their learning with coding. The children took part in programming games and Sphero balls to do what they are told. There are definitely some future game creators in this year group!Year 1 – Winterhill CLC – Year 1 Visited Winterhill CLC to support their weather topic and use their amazing range of technology. The children created green screen weather reports just like on the TV and also made amazing posters.
Year 2 – Cannon Hall – On the 11th and 12th of January, Year 2 visited Cannon Hall to support their Victorian topic. The children had a busy day carrying out the servants chores for the master. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the baking, cleaning and polishing but sadly, aren’t servants anymore. Sorry mums and dads!
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Year 2 – English Institute of sport – Year 2 had a jam packed day of sporting activities. Well done to Maddie Flanaghan who came second overall in the girls sprint and Jasmine Lumley, Freddie Davies and Theo Fretwell who all made the finals.
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Year 1 – Yorkshire Wildlife Park – Year 1 saw lots of animals at the Wildlife Park

Foundation 2 visited Sheffield on the hunt for elephants.
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